British Water Polo Championships

Photo: Lewis Donaldson

British Water Polo League, Round Two

The Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh is the venue for the latest round of matches in the British Water Polo League, and there’s plenty for the home crowd to get excited about with the Caledonia women’s and men’s teams featuring in three of the five matches taking place this afternoon.

The Division 1 action features some of the best club sides in the UK in the second of four rounds of action taking place across England and Scotland during October and November.  Physical, fast-paced and with goals guaranteed, water polo is an absorbing sport to watch live.  And spectating today and tomorrow is free!

Water polo intro: Matches consist of teams of 7 players each, one being the goalkeeper.  The aim is to get the ball in the opposition net by passing and and shooting.  Apart from the goalkeeper, players cannot hold the ball using both hands and no player is allowed to touch their feet on the bottom of the pool.  Matches are 32 minutes long in total divided up into four quarters of 8 minutes each.  Game time is non-stop with players requiring exceptional levels of fitness.

Today’s action gets underway at 9am with a women’s match between Liverpool Lizards and Leeds Sharks ahead of Caledonia women’s team taking Manchester, the Division 1 leaders going into this weekend.  Later in the day at 12.45pm Caledonia men take on their Sheffield counterparts Sheffield, before Caledonia women vs Leeds Sharks at 2pm brings the day’s action to a close.

One to watch: Gael Logan, the captain of Caledonia Women and Scottish Player of the Year.  A member of the team for more than a decade, Logan has been key part of Caledonia’s rise to the top league in the country and her experience will be crucial today.

This is the full match timings:

9am: Women’s Div 1 – Liverpool Lizards vs Leeds Sharks
10.15am: Women’s Div 1 – Manchester vs Caledonia
11.30am: Men’s Div 1 – Manchester vs Lancaster
12.45pm: Men’s Div 1 – Caledonia vs Sheffield
2pm: Women’s Div 1 Caledonia vs Leeds Sharks

Matches start at 9am

Spectating is free at Royal Commonwealth Pool for all matches.