There’s nothing like a day out watching top-class sport in the flesh and there’s a huge choice of spectator action available to watch.  Entertainment and inspiration awaits … but who’s got the time to search around and find it all?  

That's where SportonSpec fits in.  Via our website - What's On - social media and newsletter we bring you the best of the A to Z of action taking place at the same time making it easy to digest the 'what, where, when, why and how to get a ticket'.  So you can simply enjoy your favourite sports - not to mention discover the spectator treats you've been missing!

How did we get here and what's next?  Read on and all is revealed ... 


The seeds for SportonSpec were sown at London 2012 when founder Tim Underhill witnessed first-hand the Great British public captivated by a multitude of sports and newly discovered stars.

Life changed magically for those few fleeting weeks in the summer of 2012.  Only to revert back by the autumn.  Whereas sports not normally in the public consciousness were the talk town in August, by the time the leaves started to fall the status quo had returned.  Namely the majority of media coverage dominated by a very few sports.

But had the stars of London 2012 suddenly retired?  No!  Had the 26 Olympic sports that transfixed the nation suddenly stopped for four years?  No again.  Then after Glasgow 2014 - described as the best Commonwealth Games ever - history repeated itself in Scotland.  Enough!!

And so SportonSpec.  At its core a believe that all top-level sport (and more importantly the athletes who bring it to life) deserve to be profiled on a level playing field.  And you, yes you, deserve to hear about them!

Let all our GB stars shine bright.  And trust us when we say a sport you’ve never witnessed live can be just as entertaining as your current favourites, the backstories of the cast just as compelling, not to mention the protagonists have all put in their ‘10,000 hours’ and whisper it quietly - or not so quietly - they can be amazing value.

Go ahead. Take a ‘What’s On’ look at what you are missing.  After all there’s #nothinglikebeingthere.



SportonSpec coverage is currently across Scotland and London and surrounding areas.

London – previewing action in Great London and surrounding areas such as Hertfordshire, Surrey and Essex all within travelling distance of London.

Scotland – covering events throughout the Central Belt including the Scottish Borders and Perthshire and beyond, not to mention all major events taking place across the country.

New frontiers - of course we don't want to leave you out if you are not Scottish or a Londoner.  But one step at a time!  Further expansion is planned and this is the first place to hear about it. 

Sports covered so far include ... aquatics (diving & swimming), athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, drone racing (yes, seriously), gymnastics, horse driving, hockey, esports, judo, lawn bowls, rugby league, netball, rugby sevens, shooting, squash, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, triathlon, weightlifting, powerlifting, wrestling, volleyball, horse racing, American Football, basketball, football, golf, motorsport, cricket, shinty, roller derby (Google it!), rugby union, darts, karate, lacrosse, ice hockey, speedway, curling, beach volleyball, snooker, orienteering, water polo, fencing, show jumping, rowing, three-day evening, motorcycling, beach rugby, Highland Games, tennis and wallball (and more but if you are still reading you get the drift!).