SportonSpec Mission: "To entertain and inspire communities by making the experience of watching sport in the flesh easily discoverable."

SportonSpec Vision: "To create a status quo where athletes across all sports are celebrated on a level playing field."

Focusing exclusively on live events we provide unrivalled coverage of opportunities to witness sports stars performing at the top level.

With a huge choice of  spectator action available, SportonSpec does the hard yards to make it easy for you to enjoy the unique thrill of live sport.

Because there's #nothinglikebeingthere






The seeds for SportonSpec were first sown at London 2012 Olympics when founder Tim Underhill witnessed first-hand the Great British public captivated by a multitude of sports and newly discovered stars.

Life changed magically for those few fleeting weeks in the summer of 2012.  Only to revert back by the autumn.  While sports not normally in the public consciousness had been the talk of the town in August, by the time the leaves started to fall the status quo had returned.  Namely the majority of media coverage dominated by a very few sports.

But the stars of London 2012 had not suddenly retired and the 26 Olympic sports that transfixed the nation had not stopped for four years.  Then came Glasgow 2014 - described as the best Commonwealth Games ever - and history repeated itself. 

And so SportonSpec.  At its core a believe that all top-level sport (and more importantly the athletes who bring it to life) deserve the same exposure. 

Why?  Because we believe in equality.  And trust us when we say a new sport has the potential to rival anything you've already witnessed for enjoyment.  The backstories of the cast just as compelling, the athletes having honed their skills during the 1000s of hours of training required to compete in elite sport.  Serving up great entertainment for the audience via a live experience often at eye-opening value for money. 

A landscape where all athletes have an equal opportunity to flourish and inspire has to be beneficial for fans and communities as a whole.  After all: you can't be what you can't see.  

Go ahead.  Take a ‘What’s On’ look at (caveat: events are coming back slowly post-Covid but hang in there!) what you are missing.  Because there's #nothinglikebeingthere.


Q: How do you provide ticket information?

A: We signpost you to either the event holder or their official ticket retailer.   This ensures you purchase tickets from the primary seller, always at face value or better.

Q: If an event is sold out do you signpost to the secondary ticket market?

A: The vast majority of events don't sell out meaning tickets are available directly from the primary seller as above.  For sold out events we will signpost you to Twickets, a fan-to-fan secure ticket trading platform enabling fans to sell spare tickets securely and capped at face value (plus fees they have already incurred).

Q: Do you run ticket promotions?

A: Funny you should ask that, yes we do!  We recommend you subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media channels (see below) for the latest offers.

Q: What areas does SportonSpec currently cover?

A: Greater London (broadly within the M25) and Scotland (focusing on the Central Belt including Scottish Borders and Perthshire).

Q: Any plans to expand the current coverage?

A: Yes.  Currently we have more than enough on our plate preparing for spectator sport 2.0 (aka live sport post-Covid) in London and Scotland, however our longer term plans are to expand throughout the UK.  Email us at info@sportonspec.co.uk if you would like to be notified of coverage in your area as soon as it launches.

Q: What sports have you covered so far?

A: What sports haven't we covered! 

Aquatics (diving & swimming), skateboarding, athletics, badminton, boxing, cycling, drone racing (yes, seriously), gymnastics, horse driving, hockey, esports, Gaelic football, judo, lawn bowls, rugby league, netball, rugby sevens, shooting, squash, wheelchair basketball, roller derby (Google it!), table tennis, triathlon, weightlifting, powerlifting, wrestling, volleyball, horse racing, American Football, basketball, football, chessboxing (you read that correctly), golf, motorsport, cricket, shinty, darts, karate, rugby union (and did someone say RugbyX?), lacrosse, ice hockey, speedway, curling, hurling, beach volleyball, snooker, orienteering, water polo, fencing, show jumping, powerboat racing, rowing, eventing, motorcycling, beach rugby, Highland Games, tennis and wallball are just some of sports we have showcased.