Dundee Roller Girls

Dundee Roller Girls: Dundee Sevens Extravaganza!

A roller derby treat for the 4th November as Dundee Roller Girls host the 4th instalment of their Home Teams Season.  First whistle at Dundee International Sports Centre is at 1pm with admission available at the door.

Dundee Roller Girls (DRG) invite you to come and witness the epic battle between Press Gangsters, Jutes of Hazzard and Jammin’ Dodgers!  As well as their infamous intraleague gamble, which was introduced last year!

The day begins with a round robin for the three home teams to settle the age old debate of WHO IS DA BEST!  The scores are totted up and the winner is found, however the result is held in a top secret folder, locked in a top secret briefcase and is guarded to the highest security!

DRG skaters then take to the track in two randomely chosen teams to play their hearts out, whap out some apex jumps, spins, flails and anything they can think of for your delight and entertainment!!  Then and only then is the final results announced to all, and then, only then do the celebrations start!!

As always DRG will be welcoming local business and artists as vendours, as well as putting on their bake sale and have all their fancy merch for sale!

(Preview courtesy of the Dundee Roller Girls website.)

Doors open at 12.30pm with the first whistle at 1pm and Intraleague at 4pm.

Admission is available on the door priced at £6 per person.