Kenmore Highland Games

All roads lead to Kenmore Sports Field for the 2016 Kenmore Highland Games, a great midweek evening out for all the family.

Held on the first Wednesday in July, the Kenmore Highland Games have taken place annually since 1972.  Known locally as the ‘friendly’ games as they welcome everyone who cares to join in with this small community in their annual games, admission is on the day priced

Read on for a preview via the Kenmore Highland Games website:-

Fun for all the family!!

This year we are honoured to have been asked to host a new event, the Under 17 years Heavy Event. These young athletes will be taking part in the caber, shot put and hammer. The Under 17 year events will start at 4.30pm with the traditional Games following on at 5.30pm.  We have also been asked by a Dutch film crew who are filming a travel program on Scotland to film during the Games this year! How exciting for our small Games to have been asked to be on a TV travel program!!

Events include Highland Dancing organised by Jean Swanson. You will a whole range of youngsters from the very young to older dancers taking part and performing to a very high standard.  The excellent Vale of Atholl Junior Pipe Band, opens the games and marches on to the games field on a couple of occasions during the evening.

A whole host of ‘Heavy Events’ open to all, include Putting the 16lb shot, throwing the 16lb and 28lb hammers, throwing the 56lb over the bar, tossing the caber, and tossing the sheaf.  There is one event for the heavy weights that is unique to Kenmore – Throwing the Tirinie Stone – an almost spherical stone found on Tirinie Farm, Kenmore. It weighs 101 lbs. The heavies have to throw this and see if they can beat the record of 170 inches (14 feet or 4.33metres).

Piping competitions – pipers young and not so young all compete, many using the event as a warm up for the many other Highland Games competitions that take palace across Scotland.

Open foot races – open to all start with the under 5’s to 16 years olds and then the adult races for 100, 400 and 800 metres followed by the open Hill Race

Commencing at 5.30pm with a parade from Kenmore Village to the Kenmore sports field lead by The Vale of Atholl Junior Pipe Band.

Many trade stands attend and there will be a selection of food outlets & a licensed bar and lots of fun activities for children.

Groups and buses parties welcome and can contact the secretary Sarah on 01887 830281 for more information.

Action at the Kenmore Highland Games starts at the 4.30pm with the U17 Heavy Event followed by the traditional Games from 5.30pm that commence with a parade from Kenmore Village to the Kenmore sports field lead by The Vale of Atholl Junior Pipe Band.

Admission on the day: Adults £5/Children free.  Car parking free.