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Photo: Women's Camanachd Association

North v South representative match

It’s a big day in the women’s shinty calendar as Oban plays host to the annual North vs South fixture this afternoon, with both Under 18s and Seniors in action.

Training and trial sessions have been held, the respective squads picked and it’s time now for the teams from the North and South to take to the hallowed turf of Mossfield Park to contest the 2015 silverware. With the best talent across the country on show, and two highly contested matches in prospect, this is an afternoon of shinty not to be missed.

Speaking ahead of the match on the Women’s Camanachd Association Facebook page, captain of the North’s Senior side, Sarah Corrigall, gave her thoughts on the afternoon ahead:

Qu: ‘Who should the opposition be worried about in your team?’  Ans: ‘Everyone 🙂 We are strong at the back and have a gifted goal keeper so it will be difficult for the South forwards to score. Our midfield are quick, hopefully that will give us the advantage in the middle of the park, and our forwards are versatile so they will be switching positions a lot which is a nightmare for defenders to mark.’

Qu: ‘Who do you think will be their danger players to look out for?’  Ans: ‘Katie Drain is always a danger up front, she can score from anywhere so we will have to make sure Katie is marked closely. The Mccafferty sisters are difficult players to break down, but if we can get past them we will be doing well.’

Qu: ‘What will it mean if the North win?’  Ans: ‘It will mean everything. The better team will win the cup and we want to be the better side. I know everyone will give 100% in this game, and hopefully the cup will be the reward in the end.’

Throw up is at 1pm for the Under 18s match, followed by the Seniors fixture at 3pm.

Admission on the day: free entry all spectators!