Roller Derby

London Rollergirls live at the Palace

Let the roller derby action commence as London Rollergirls host a triple-header of action at Crystal Palace.  Doors open at 1pm and tickets are available.

Holy moly have the London Rollergirls got something for you!

On August 10th they head back to Crystal Palace to give you guys not one, not two but THREE games of roller derby!

They’re not just any roller derby games either, there are three super exciting games to keep you on the edge of your seats for a summer’s afternoon.

London RollergirlsFirst up their babely London Brawling taking on none other than London Rollergirl’s fave Northern (well North of Watford) team RAINY BLOOMIN’ CITY!  If you saw the last game between these two fierce teams, you’d be silly to miss it because good golly was it exciting.

Next, you can see the BRAND SPANKING NEW D TEAM taking on Essex’s finest KILLAHURTZ in the D Team’s debut game.  They’ve been showing their incredible skills at scrim every week and cannot wait for you to see them!

Closing out the day, Brawling will take to the track again, this time against the French from the city of lurrrrve, PARIS ROLLERGIRLS.  These two teams have never played each other, so you can be here to see the first match up!

Not only is there a day full of fun roller derby vendors and snacks, but the London Rollergirls have also got some extra special news to share. But you’ll have to be there to find out…

(Preview courtesy of the London Rollergirls website).

Doors open at 1pm ahead of the three games ~ 2pm London Brawling vs Rainy City ~ 4pm D-team vs Killa Hurtz ~ 6pm London Brawling vs Paris Rollergirls.

Tickets in advance available via the ‘Get Tickets’ link.

Tickets on the day are subject to availability.  Checking the London Rollergirls Twitter feed before travelling is recommended.