Rouken Glen Cyclocross.

Photo: Anthony Robson

Rouken Glen Cyclocross

A cyclocross special the final leg of the Super Quaich Series, the Rouken Glen Cyclocross, taking centre stage in Rouken Glen Park.  Spectating is free, daredevil cycling action guaranteed!

One of the most popular events in the Scottish Cyclocross calendar the fourth edition of the Rouken Glen Cyclocross  marks the close of the Super Quaich Series.  Glasgow’s SR Albannach cycling club are hosting the event and hoping for a great turnout to witness circa 200 riders in action including some of the best competitors in Scotland.

What is Cyclocross: To learn more about the sport check out this feature on STV’s Riverside Show.  Featuring an interview with previous Scottish Cyclocross Series winner Rab Wardell, the clip shows Wardell demonstrating dismounts, riding rough ground and running stairs in Pollock Park, as well as talking about why Cyclocross is such as exciting sport.

Today’s action takes place within the natural parkland amphitheatre of Rouken Glen Park meaning spectators can take advantage of panoramic viewing and savour the carnival atmosphere. In the race finish arena there will be live commentary all afternoon and music, and with onsite catering and toilets a short walking distance from the main arena everything is set up for a great day in the most popular of disciplines in Scottish Cycling.

Race times: The B-race is at 11am, the A-Race at 1pm.  Full timings below.

Admission at the Rouken Glen Cyclocross is free for spectators and supporters are welcome: cow bells optional!

Full timings for the day:

Course opens for practise 10.00 (Open to A & B racers for 45 mins)

Course closes for practise 10.45 (B racers to now assemble at start line)

B Race Start 11.00

B Race Ends 11.50 (50 mins race + 1 lap)

Last B Rider Expected 12.00

Course opens for practise 12.00 (Open to A racers for an additional 45 mins)

Course closes for practise 12.45

A Race Starts 13.00

A Race Ends 13.50 (50 mins race + 1 lap)

Last A Rider Expected 14.00

Prize giving for A & B race 14.15.