Donna Kennedy Cup 2016. Fixture list.

Donna Kennedy Cup

The best women’s players in Scotland compete for the Donna Kennedy Cup on the international pitch at BT Murrayfield this afternoon.

In its second year, women from Glasgow & Caledonia (West) and Edinburgh & The Borders (East) have been selected from clubs and the BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy.  East will be looking to retain the Cup after being the first to lift it following their convincing 32-10 win over West last season.  This year’s clash has been timed before the start of the club season, which kicks off next weekend.

The Donna Kennedy Cup is one of seven games at BT Murrayfield taking place across the back and international pitches, including the BT Sport Scottish Rugby Academy regional finals from 10.30am.  The East Women v West Women fixture takes place at 2pm, full squad lists for the Donna Kennedy Cup can be viewed below.

First match at 10.30am.

Admission is on day with free entry to all spectators.

Donna Kennedy Cup squads to play at BT Murrayfield Stadium (courtesy of the Scottish Rugby website).

West squad:

15. Mairi McDonald (Hillhead/Jordanhill)

14. Andrea Gaffney (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
13. Abi Evans (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
12. Megan Gaffney (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
11. Rachel Shankland (Stirling County)

10. Catherine Shennan (Ayr)
9. Emily Irving (Ayr)

1. Siobhan McMillan (Cartha Queens Park)
2. Lana Skeldon (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
3. Heather Lockhart (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
4. Kirsty Reid (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
5. Jenny Johnston (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
6. Louise McMillan (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
7. Hannah Telling (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
8. Jemma Forsyth (Hillhead/Jordanhill)

16. Lisa Croniken (Ayr)
17. Mary Lafiki (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
18. Stella Kyalikunda (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
19. Lauren Hagan (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
20. Tamsen Tysen (Stewartry)
21. Anna Stodter (unattached)
22. Kelsey Swift (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
23. Caitlin Harvey (Caithness)
24. Aimee Watson (Hillhead/Jordanhill)
25. Rachael Mulholland (Ayr)

East squad:

15. Chloe Rollie (Murrayfield Wanderers)

14. Harriet Cumber (Unattached)
13. Eilidh Sinclair (Murrayfield Wanderers)
12. Lisa Thomson (Edinburgh University)
11. Rhona Lloyd (Edinburgh University)

10. Lisa Martin (Murrayfield Wanderers)
9. Sarah Law (Murrayfield Wanderers/Edinburgh University)

1. Katie Dougan (RHC Cougars/Edinburgh University)
2. Lucy Park (Murrayfield Wanderers)
3. Lisa Robertson (Murrayfield Wanderers)
4. Emma Wassell (Murrayfield Wanderers)
5. Nicola Howat (Howe of Fife/ Edinburgh University)
6. Lucy Winter (Edinburgh University)
7. Charlotte Runcie (Watsonsians)
8. Karen Dunbar (RHC Cougars)

16. Suzy Hex-Rook (Murrayfield Wanderers)
17. Alisa Luke (RHC Cougars/Edinburgh University)
18. Hannah Kurtz (Edinburgh University)
19. Cat Syme (Murrayfield Wanderers)
20. Liusaidh McMaster (Edinburgh University)
21. Kelly Shields (Murrayfield Wanderers)
22. Rachel Law (Murrayfield Wanderers/Edinburgh University)
23. Louise Pullan (unattached)
24. Claire Bain (RHC Cougars)
25. Gillian Inglis (Melrose)

Donna Kennedy Cup kick-off is at 2pm.