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Would you like exclusive access to premium deals for football? 

Courtesy of SportonSpec a luxury sporting experience is much more accessible than you might imagine. 

'Premium Pass', brought to you by SportonSpec, is currently running in a private trial and we're looking for discerning sports fans to give it a try.  

What's on offer? 

1) Regular premium deals* for sports/clubs of interest to you. 

* Deal examples: 1) Spurs v Southampton in the Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Wednesday 9th February.  Halfway line seats, access to Travel Club lounge, complimentary programme and food plus half-time drinks.  Package price: £90pp.

2) Away day: Manchester United v Chelsea at Old Trafford on Thursday 28 April.  Access to the Academy Lounge, padded seating in the North East Quadrant, complimentary programme and food.  Cash bar available.  Package price: £75pp.

2) A concierge service* enabling you to enquire on availability for a specific match/event.

* For example: You're interested in going to West Ham United's home leg in the UEFA Europa League semi-final v Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday 28 April.  Or Arsenal v Leeds (Premier League) on Sunday 8th May.  We search the premium marketplace (authorised club suppliers only) on your behalf for the best packages and prices available, for you to decide if you want to purchase.  Likewise if you want to go to Wimbledon for the tennis we can locate the best priced Centre and No.1 Court debenture seats (the only tickets that can officially be resold) for the day of your choice.

There's no cost for taking part in the trial.  We simply ask for some feedback once you've taken part.

FAQs?  See the bottom of the page for the full details.   

Interested?!  Fill in the form below (takes just a couple of minutes) and we'll get right back to you. Because there's #nothinglikebeingthere 


Gone are the days when premium (aka VIP/hospitality) experiences at sport were largely targeted at corporate entertaining.  Instead there are many more options catering for different tastes (from the very relaxed to ultra-formal), budgets and group sizes. 

Prices within the premium market are changing all the time.  However SportonSpec is able to identify the best deals, often at a considerable discount, and pass those on.  All from official sources only.

Fancy a trip to the award-winning Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (sorry Arsenal fans!) to watch Spurs play?  Or the Olympic Stadium to see West Ham United?  No problem, we'll get straight back to you with the most competitive packages available.


Qu: What is the Premium Pass?

Ans: A closed (invite-only) group where members receive:

• Exclusive deals to premium (aka VIP/hospitality) experiences bespoke to clubs/sports of interests.  The majority will be in the London area with away day suggestions included in the mix.

A concierge service enabling a pass holder to enquire about a specific event and the best packages available within their budget.

Qu: What sports are included?

Ans: Starting with a focus around football - e.g. Premier League matches - more sports such as rugby union, cricket, tennis and horse racing will be added during the beta.  The SportonSpec ethos is as much about the excitement of discovering new sports experiences as it is enjoying your favourites, so variety is guaranteed.

Q: Is there a cost?

Ans: No.    

Q: Do I have to buy any premium packages?

Ans: No.  The purchase of any packages is entirely within your discretion, whether that’s one of our exclusive offers, or a package price supplied via our concierge service.

Q: How does SportonSpec locate the deals?

Ans: By matching our unparalleled database of sporting events to relationships we have with multiple premium package providers (whether that’s rights holders – the club/venue – or their official agents).  Our overview of the premium marketplace - which is very dynamic with a multitude of moving parts - enable us to constantly review the best prices available.  Meaning you can relax and enjoy the sport while we keep a keen eye on all things premium experiences on your behalf.

Q: It is all official?

Ans: Yes!  All premium packages recommended by SportonSpec are either 1) directly from the club/venue/tournament, or 2) from an authorised reseller.  The latter being an organisation appointed directly by individual clubs, venues and tournaments to sell packages on their behalf. 

Thus you can be comfortable in the knowledge that any Premium Pass deal you purchase is an official package.

Q: I have a query before joining, can I get in touch?

Ans: Yes please drop us a line at and we'll get straight back to you.